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    Elevate Fall with an Artisanal Experience

    Bring in rich, hand-crafted colors to balance the coolness of the season.

    Reflections of the Craft

    Our well-honed metallic candles offer a custom finish that subtly reflects our passion and your style.

    Premium candle wholesale opportunities, specific to your business

    Do you want to attract customers looking for a premium shopping experience and luxury candles? We’d love to partner with you!

    We help wedding and event planners, florists, interior designers, boutiques, bakeries and more entice customers with premium candles that stand out from the rest. We can also work with you to create custom candles or a specific line of private label candles.

    Featured Collection: Beeswax

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    So much to fall in love with

    Hand poured, hand dipped, and hand crafted, our Autumn Collection captures the feel of fall in a curated array of colors and candles

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