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    Mauvelous - a shade of refinement

    Our Mauvelous artisan color was born from the latest trend of muted beauty that has the ability to take your breath away. This shade has the perfect combination of soft pink and luxurious purple that seems to complement every design style seamlessly. Don't take our word for it - experience Mauvelous for yourself!

    100% Pure Beeswax Collection

    A work of nature, combined with the skillful touch of artisan craftsmanship. Creative Candles Beeswax Collection is specialty candlemaking at its finest. Our candles are sourced from the hive to bring you a sweet scent and long-lasting flame for your decor or next event.

    Featured Collection: Scented Vessels

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    Giant floating candles

    Bringing new life to water features, our giant floating candles are truly one of a kind - we mean it! There is nothing comparable to these 8" and 10" floating, glowing discs.

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