Cocktail Gift Sets

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Looking for the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, or family member? Our luxury cocktail gift sets are always a pleasure to receive!

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About Our Cocktail Gift Sets

Our cocktail gift sets contain eight slim, elegant 12” taper candles and two glass crystal candle holders.

Why Choose a Cocktail Gift Set?

We hand-make the candles in our cocktail gift sets using our proprietary wax blend. Dipped and poured in small batches, they have a consistently high quality and a slow, smokeless, dripless burn. They are also scentless, with the exception of beeswax which has a natural honey fragrance.

Décor Inspiration

The unique gift sets can be used for any occasion – at an elegant dinner party, while enjoying pre-dinner drinks in your garden, or simply during a night in for two.

Our Cocktail Gift Sets

Our cocktail gift sets are available in a wide range of designer colors and metallics, with the colors kept up-to-date according to changing trends.

Simply select the gift set you require to see the full range of colors.