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    To each one of you; our very Valued Customers, 

    First, let us say that we hope that you, your family, your friends and your coworkers are well during these stressful and challenging times. 

    We have been following the coronavirus story closely, and taking extra precautions in all of our workshop operations as recommended by the CDC over these last few weeks. Many of you know that we are located in Kansas City, MO. Over the weekend our Mayor issued a “stay-at-home” order. As with all of these orders that have occurred in multiple states, there are exceptions for essential businesses and other circumstances.

    On Saturday, our mayor allowed small businesses to modify their operations to maintain minimal basic operations. As such, we have made the following changes to our operation, effective Tuesday, March 24th through April 23rd:

    1. We will only serve customers “curbside” at our workshop, as so many businesses are now doing. If you are picking up an order, please dial 816-474-9711 when you arrive. One of our small team that is still here will bring the order out for you. This service will only be available from 10 AM - 2 PM each weekday. We anticipate this may change to a “drop point” just outside our front door in the coming days. 
    1. We have reduced our overall hours of operation dramatically. Please know that we will still gladly accept orders via the phone, internet (www.creativecandles.com), fax, text, etc. You can find our contact info here.
    1. We have reduced our production operations dramatically so we can operate with a minimum size of team. We have built a good inventory of products leading up to this point, but we may not have some things in stock; especially if these modified operations go on for an extended period. We are only operating to maintain minimum basic operations, so we do not have the same capability to produce special orders or refill our inventory at this point in time.
    1. Due to our reduced hours and team size, it will take us longer than normal to fulfill your order. When we respond to your order we will include an estimate of when we estimate that we will ship your order. If we expect significant delays in shipping orders, we will communicate those individually. 

    Please know that our ability to operate while maintaining these minimal basic operating conditions may be further reduced or even stopped as the days and weeks go forward. We will provide as much notice as we can if or when these changes are made.

    We know that for many people candles are a source of stress relief during challenging times. We hope that in some small way we can support you (for as long as we can maintain safe minimum operations and are allowed by the government agencies) in dealing with the personal situations that you have today or those that are to come over the next several weeks.

    Thank you for your business. We wish all of the best for you as we move through the next few weeks together. 

    Keith and Shelley