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    Luxury in every candle

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    The Craft of our Art Pillar Candles

    The craft of our art

    Our hand-dipped and hand-poured candles preserve the centuries-old craft of candle making. The precision and passion we share takes form in every one of our luxurious, dripless, smokeless, slow-burning candles, providing an ambiance of warmth and refinement.

    Perfection takes patience

    On our design floor, our artisan team understands the value of steady focus. We perform research and testing on each component of every candle type before initiating production to ensure the absolute highest quality and performance.

    Perfection takes patience dripping candles

    Explore our artisan candles

    Taper Candles


    Masterfully made to burn slowly for up to 9 hours, available in an array of vibrant and subdued colors, and ranging from heights of 9” all the way to a stunning 39”, our taper candles can play the role of accent or centerpiece beautifully.

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    Pillar Candles


    Hand poured in small batches in a variety of matte and metallic hues, our pillars are made from a firm wax that allows them to stand alone on a flat surface or in a bowl, burning stoically, without ever melting into a pool of wax.

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    Ball and Floating Candles

    Ball & Floating

    Our ball and floating candles are crafted through an over-dipping process that creates a consistent density for a slow, smokeless, dripless burn. Eye-catching on their own and ideal complements for pillar candles.

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    Are you a retailer of artisan goods?

    If you’re interested in offering the luxury quality and craftsmanship of Creative Candles to your customers, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We believe in strong two-way relationships with our trusted wholesale partners and a conversation is the best way to discover if we’re an ideal fit for one another.

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