A Brief Guide to Taper Candles

A Brief Guide to Taper Candles

Enchanting tablescapes, dreamy décor and romantic settings are just some of the things you can easily achieve with taper candles. Want to mix and match colors? Check. Enhance your theme? Check. Pair with other types of candles for an eye-catching glow? Check, check, check!

Discover more about luxury taper candles in our latest quick guide. 

What is a taper candle?

True to their name, taper candles taper from the bottom upwards, forming a subtle shape renowned for their elegance. Tall and slim, taper candles are one of the oldest types of candle and have been used as a source of illumination for millennia. 

Today, they are used for everything from wedding décor and dinner parties to religious celebration candles, with a vast variety of sizes, colors and scents available, including natural options such as beeswax

How long do taper candles burn for?

The length of time that any candle burns for ultimately depends on its quality, construction and size. For example, a popular size of taper is 9”, which should burn for around seven hours. Larger sizes, such as 12”, will therefore burn for longer durations. 

This is worth keeping in mind when you’re shopping for candles with a specific purpose in mind. Wedding candles, for example, will need to burn evenly and attractively for a number of hours in order to maintain that gorgeous glow throughout the ceremony and reception.

You’ll also need to check the quality of the wax and how well the candles are made. Poor quality candles don’t tend to burn for as long, and they also tend to drip and smoke. 

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12" Taper Candles

Do you need a candle holder for taper candles?

Yes, candle holders are a must for taper candles. Due to their tall and slim build, tapers require some form of holder to secure them in place. The options for taper candle holders are endless, with people adding them to things like candelabras, ceramic molds and just about anything else they can safely slot into.

We think that a candle holder can really add something extra to your candlelight. You could try mixing things up and using different styles, heights or colors, or keep them all uniform. Your options are pretty much endless!

3 of the best ways to use taper candles 

These are simply some of the best ways to use tapers:

  1. Taper candles are a must for elegant wedding décor. Used everywhere from on the table to up the staircase, they are a versatile, timeless choice that add a gorgeous glow to your special day. 
  2. They can also enhance your home interior when positioned in places such as on your hearthstone or dining table. A great way to add ambience during any season, taper candles are a must when you are hosting, entertaining or simply relaxing. 
  3. Stylistically, taper candles can also create a statement mood for things like photoshoots, events and special, intimate occasions. 

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