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    Scented Vessel Candles

    Our new collection of luxury, artisan-made scented candles come in six different fragrances and add a little something extra to your home. 

    About Our Scented Candles

    Our frosted glass vessel scented candles are available in six long-lasting fragrances: Amboyna Burlwood, Autumn Woodlands, Evergreen Forest, Harvest Bonfire, Hinoki Cypress, and Spiced Bayberry Garland.

    Each of these fragrances is perfect for the fall and winter months. Evoking forest walks, crackling bonfires, and rich spices, these scents truly appeal to the senses.

    Why Choose Scented Candles?

    These white, small-batch candles are made with our own proprietary blend of wax, tailor-made woven wicks and custom-blended fragrance. We use only the highest quality components to create hand-made luxury candles that have a slow, smokeless burn and infuse your rooms with an irresistible, enduring scent.

    Décor Inspiration

    Scented candles not only add a decorative touch to your home, but they are also very personal. Different fragrances can evoke memories, make you feel relaxed and calm, and remind you of something pleasant. We like using scented candles in our living space and bathroom – while having a bubble bath, of course. They’re also perfect for fall and winter parties, and for giving as gifts.