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From the everyday family dinner to celebrating a special holiday or major life event, the look and feel you create for these experiences can be an essential part of how you and your family or guests feel in the moment and how the memories will live on for years to come. Our candles are made with your big life events and celebrations in mind.

At Creative Candles, we've been creating small-batch, artisan-made premium candles since 1961. By preserving the centuries-old art of candle making, we’re ensuring that the world has access to premium, high-quality candles that provide the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

We offer an inspired collection of types, colors, and sizes that enhances the style of your home or celebration. Our candles are smokeless, dripless and slow-burning – the perfect complement to the special experiences in our lives. Each candle is beautifully finished and burns slowly, providing long-lasting ambiance while adding to the aesthetic of the space.

Our team can consult on any request, from helping you select just the right candles for your home, celebration, or special event, to creating custom candles that perfectly suit your needs and desires for something special. We can help you create romance with unique dinner table candles or we can help set the mood to make your celebrations and events a true one-of-a-kind experience.

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From our owners:

"Creative Candles is an artisan brand with an exceptional history of small-batch production of premium candles. We enjoy taking care of our wonderful customers!” -Keith

“Our trained artisans love their work and you can truly see that reflected in each candle that we make. We hope Creative Candles illuminate some of the most memorable and special events of your life.” - Shelley