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    gray and white pillar candle with dog

    Pillars of Style

    Stirring the senses with an ambient, elegant glow, classic pillar candles make an exquisite centerpiece. Beautiful when bunched together in varying heights or making a contemporary statement in standalone style, pillars are perfect for any occasion. Create a modern mood with mesmerizing metallics, or embrace a natural, bohemian feel with beeswax.

    woman putting long taper candle into holder

    Reach new heights with extra long tapers

    Whether you’re channelling gothic chic or making a simplistic statement, extra long taper candles are sure to steal the show. Beloved by interior designers and event coordinators alike, these artisan-quality candles are available in a selection of sumptuous shades and feature the same slow, even and smokeless burn as our other collections.

    Featured Collection: Ball Candles

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    From Hive to Home

    Experience the subtle scent and honey-colored hue of our beeswax collection. Sustainably made using an ancient, artisan process, each beeswax candle creates a space of soothing bliss.

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