The Breahn Vokolek Holiday Collection

The Breahn Vokolek Holiday Collection

Our holiday collection this year is one of our all-time favorites. Why? We had the chance to collaborate on this collection with local Kansas City blogger, Breahn Vokolek (@overanalyzedthat), who brought some modern twists to traditional decor.

With a modern, minimalistic yet bold approach, we landed on these candles for the collection:

In more relatable terms, the pillar candles are a deep maroon, with a hint of purple. The wedgewood tapers have a deep smoky blue tone. The eucalyptus tapers brings soft green hues to the collection, and the barley blush votives are a beautiful blush pink.

For both eclectic and traditional decorating styles, these candles make a great addition. Breahn showcases her modern neutrals by adding subtle pops of color that bring the room together.

Now that you have fresh inspiration for the holidays, be sure to give the collection a look, and take a peek at Breahn’s Instagram (@overanalyzedthat) for a special discount code.

Happy Holidays!

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