Using Candles to Create Fabulous Fireplace Decor

Using Candles to Create Fabulous Fireplace Decor

After a long week, there’s nothing better than cozying up on the couch by the fireplace. Imagine this - you light a few candles, turn on some of your favorite soft music, maybe make a hot cup of tea, crack open a book and relax. Now picture the space that surrounds you. It plays a huge role in your own mood and it’s important to create a space for yourself that exudes the same relaxing vibe that you crave after a long, busy week.

Often your fireplace is the focal point of your home and it reflects the energy of your lifestyle. Over clutter it, and your room can feel busy. Leave it blank, and the room lacks flair and style. Here are some of our tips for creating a beautifully styled fireplace that inspires a relaxed environment and invites friends and family in for great conversation and quality time.

To give your living room new life, start by clearing off any items that may be on your fireplace mantle.

For this project, we’re using candles to decorate with for a simple, minimalist look. That’s right- only candles.

We were inspired to create this fireplace look by the warm flames of the fire. The flickering of each flame has this ability to relax and draw you in, so we are taking that feeling to the next level with an expanse of gorgeous candles. For this look, you’ll need around 40 candles in all different sizes and types. Depending on the color of your fireplace, we recommend using a contrasting color for your candles to make a bold decorative statement. For this dark stone fireplace, we used a variety of sizes of white Taper Candles, Classic Pillar Candles, and 3-Wick Pillar Candles. You’ll also need candle holders for the Taper candles or any other candles that you want to add depth and height too.

Starting with the largest of the candle types, n this case the 3-Wick Pillar Candles, place one or two in each corner of your fireplace on the bench and mantle.

Next, place some extra tall Taper Candles on the fireplace bench around the 3-Wick Pillar Candles.

Now that your largest types of candles are in place, begin placing the rest of the Pillar Candles and Taper Candles in each of the corners, being mindful to vary the sizes for a textured look in front of and break up the symmetry of the fireplace and mantle. Most fireplaces are square and angular, so adding different heights and shapes to the area bring it to life.

Mantle decorated with candles

Once you’ve arranged your many candles around the fireplace, situate your furniture around it. Not only will it create a picturesque display, but it creates a great conversation area for when you have guests or family over. Your living room was made to be an oasis for relationships to flourish and memories to be made. Your gorgeous new fireplace decor will draw people in and inspire a relaxed, open space to do just this.

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