Illuminating the Charm of Jenna Lyons' Home: Paris Gray Candles

Illuminating the Charm of Jenna Lyons' Home: Paris Gray Candles

During the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New York season 14, viewers were treated to a glimpse of Jenna Lyon’s stylish Soho home. To those familiar with the renowned designer and former president of J.Crew, her impeccable taste came as no surprise. But one question was on the lips of oh-so many viewers: where does Jenna Lyons buy her candles?

We’re happy to tell you that Jenna is a huge fan of Creative Candles’ artisanal wax featurettes. And as the episode shows, she seems particularly smitten with our 30” Paris Gray tapers. So join us as we uncover the beauty and allure of these chic taper candles – which had a front row seat to the drama that was #cheesegate.


jenna lyons candles on real housewives of new york


Setting an enchanting scene

In the second half of the episode, Jenna's kitchen island and charcuterie spread took center stage. Her 30" candles added a palpable touch of elegance, with two lit tapers on the coffee table bringing focus to the mountain of delectable cheeses.

The shade of Paris Gray fit perfectly with the scene, and the refined craftsmanship and artistic splendor of the hand-dipped, slow-burning candles complemented her graceful décor. Jenna used her tall, slender tapers to add vertical interest to her space, creating a visual focal point that exuded an irresistible air of sophistication and warmth.

The center of the table, adorned with tall tapers, emphasized the drama and helped to captivate the viewers' attention. Much like an additional cast member, the illuminated table became an integral part of the unfolding story, reflecting both the delightful charm of Jenna Lyons' home and the confident appeal of tasteful excess.


creative candles tapers make appearance on rhony


Embrace the Jenna Lyons aesthetic with luxury artisanal candles

For those inspired by Jenna's impeccable taste, incorporating Paris Gray candles into your décor is a step towards embracing her trend-setting aesthetic. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, creating a cozy corner, or simply seeking to elevate your daily rituals, these elegant taper candles will undoubtedly infuse your space with sophistication and allure.

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