McKenzie Design Summer Collection

McKenzie Design Summer Collection

This summer, we’re delighted to be working on a bespoke new collection with Steve McKenzie, an artist who found his creative niche in the interior design community. Steve, along with his wife Jill, launched McKenzie Design LLC after decades of professional interior design experience. Inspired by Steve’s passion and lifelong appreciation for design, we are excited to introduce a summer collection of candles you’ll fall in love with. 

We recently caught up with Steve to chat about all things design and candles…

Creative Candles: What’s your professional design style and how is this style reflected in the summer 2020 collection?

Steve McKenzie: We like to think of our design style as international and storied. We work to make sure our interiors tell the story of the folks that live there. I think our summer collection is similar. I think the color combination is unexpected, however all the colors work beautifully together and tell the story of summer. Almost like an English garden flower bed in full bloom.

CC: How important is the use of color in your décor?

SM: I love color and try to always bring it into our interiors. For me, color is a language that can tell you a lot about a space and its inhabitants.

CC: How important is the quality of materials in your décor?

SM: Quality is of the utmost importance. We provide environments in which people are going to live and create memories. The last thing we want is for them to have to be worried or bothered about the lack of quality. We like to design pieces that will become heirlooms.

CC: Tell us about the colors selected for the summer 2020 collection. What was the inspiration? 

SM: We wanted to create a palette that reflected the colors found in nature in summer, but also that is very fresh and current to now. We love the addition of the Roman bronze metallic to raise the sophistication. In spaces we design, we always try to have a little glamor and that is what the bronze does.

CC: Where do you think décor accessories (like candles) are best used? Walk us through some of your candle 'best practices' and your favorite placements. Are they used for entertaining? Everyday décor?

SM: I think every occasion calls for candles! We enjoy entertaining and generally, our tablescapes include a lot of tapers. We have a large collection of brass candlesticks, all types, and I love filling the table with all heights of tapers. Everyone always looks more beautiful by candlelight. We also use them every day. We have an 18th century French chest in our dining room that is always filled with candlesticks and tapers. Pillars are great for everyday use in décor and then they are always present and ready to light when the lights dim.

Thanks, Steve - it was great to chat!

Find out more about our latest collection - Creative Candles x Steve McKenzie - which brings beauty and comfort into your home with a range of colors that work in perfect harmony.

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