Selecting a Color Palette for Your Style

Selecting a Color Palette for Your Style

Some people just have a knack for fabulous interior design – their homes are perfectly themed, their color palette on point, their décor so gorgeous it makes you want to weep.

The good news is that we can all achieve the décor of our dreams, something that suits our personalities and style. Because that’s the most important thing; our homes are reflections of us as individuals, so they should be places where we feel totally comfortable, happy and represented. One way of achieving this is with color, not just the color of your walls but your furnishings and décor too.

How to find your aesthetic color palette 

There are various ways to approach finding a color palette for your style. Just remember to think about how the interior design of your home will work as a whole if you choose different approaches for different rooms.

It may be that one room is visible from another – from the kitchen to the dining room, for example – and if you use two contrasting approaches, they may not work together.

1) Select the color palette for your personal style

A very basic way of choosing a color palette to suit you is simply by using your favorite color. 

Yes, that may sound a little preschool, but there are many ways to glam up your interior design if you have one color to start from. For example, you could use a few different tones of the same color. If your favorite color is blue, you could paint your walls a pale blue, install navy blue furniture, and decorate with cornflower blue candles.

Another way of choosing a color palette that suits your personal style is by looking at the statement pieces you already have (or purchasing a new one if you’re redesigning). If you have one statement piece in a room, use its main color across the rest of the room. This will ensure that the color flows and makes sense in the whole space.

2) Color me happy

Is there a particular color that makes you happy, or a color that reminds you of a special memory? You could use that as your starting point, knowing that you’re creating a happy space for yourself, one that will impact your mood whenever you walk into it.

Research shows that certain colors make us feel a certain way. Red is associated with power and strength but also anger and annoyance – a little red can look fantastic, but it’s easy to overdo! Orange and yellow are the colors of positivity, optimism, and joy, while green is refreshing and peaceful, and blue brings calm.

It’s also a good idea to check a color wheel, as it will help you understand which colors look good together.

3) Your dream interior design theme

Rather than having a color as your starting point, you could also choose a theme. It’s a good idea to check out the latest interior design trends – currently there’s a trend for natural elements such as wood and stone, bold patterns, 3D art, and curved shapes. We also love themes which bring the outdoors inside.

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