Celebration Candles

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Let’s celebrate! Our premium, artisan-made celebration candles come in an assortment of eye-catching colors.

About Our Celebration Candles

Our celebration candles are extra-long and ultra-thin. Either 6” or 12” in length, they are available in packs of twelve bright colors.

Why Choose Celebration Candles?

We hand-make these slender celebration candles in small batches using our proprietary wax blend. That way we can ensure a consistently high quality during the dipping and pouring process, along with a slow, smokeless, dripless, scentless burn.

Décor Inspiration

Celebration candles are used, of course, to celebrate! The bright, fun colors and metallics add a special something to any celebratory occasion, from a birthday party to a wedding reception – and they look great in photos.

Our Celebration Candle Colors

All the sizes and styles of celebration candles you see here are available in a wide range of artisan colors – and even metallics – that we update to the latest trends.

Simply select the size of candle you want to see the full range of colors.