Votive Candles

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Our premium, hand-made votive candles come in an assortment of colors and are the perfect subtle compliment to a high-end experience.

About Our Votive Candles

Small and delicate, votive candles are easy to change up and swap around. Slightly taller than tealights, they have a bell-top design that allows the wax to melt evenly. Votive candles liquefy completely, so don’t forget you will need a votive cup! Our votives are available in a variety of colors and in boxes of eight or 36.

Why Choose Votive Candles?

Made using the centuries-old art of votive making, our team of artisans hand pours each batch of votive candles using a premium wax blend that provides a smokeless burn. This process ensures a consistently high quality during the pouring process and a slow, dripless burn. Our votive candles are scentless.

Décor Inspiration

While votive candles were originally intended to be burnt as an act of prayer, they offer an abundance of decorative possibilities in the home. Combine different colors to create pools of warm light, or dot votives around your room for individual points of glow.

Our Votive Candle Colors

The votive candles you see here are available in eight artisan colors that we frequently update as trends change. Custom colors are available by special order with minimum quantities and lead times.

Simply select the size of candle you want to see the full range of colors.