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Q&A with Paige Minear – Creator of our Summer 2019 Collection

Paige Minear leads a wonderfully full life. Just a glance at her blog, The Pink Clutch, shows her inspiring us to learn something new, travel, entertain, take chances, and in her words, to “live life full of color”. That’s why Paige was the perfect person to curate our brand new Summer Collection.

We caught up with her to get a glimpse into her life, inspirations and creative approach.

Creative Candles: Hi Paige! Can you describe your style and your approach to home décor?

Paige Minear: I am very colorful! We have tons of colors and patterns in our home and they’re in every single thing I do as well. We also have a number of inherited antiques that we’ve mixed with new pieces and thrifted pieces to use in our home. We buy and use what we love and somehow it all seems to work together. Since both my husband and I grew up in Florida we have a lot of shells, old maps of the state, prints, and books mixed in with our décor which means our home suits us perfectly.

CC: What was the inspiration behind the candles in the 2019 Paige Minear Summer Collection? 

PM: Since I love color I knew my color choices would be bright and happy. I love the timeless color of navy, it just seems to work for every season, but most definitely in summer. I immediately think of striped beach umbrellas and striped beach towels. The pink and orange remind me of the prettiest summer flowers and a perfect and juicy summer orange. I absolutely love the aquamarine which immediately makes me think of water and a beach vacation. These colors are the best part of summer to me. 

CC: There are many components to a beautiful lunch or dinner party with friends and family. How do candles enhance the ambiance of a tablescape? 

PM: I love candlelight, both during the day and most definitely in the evening. I think a candle just adds so much romance to any table setting. My favorite thing about using Creative Candles is all the amazing colors the tapers are available in, which allows me to add a coordinating color or introduce a different color into the table setting. 

CC: What advice do you have for people updating their home décor for summer? 

PM: My favorite things to use during summer are blue and white porcelain pieces, white dishes and anything wicker or rattan. You can use all of these at other times of the year so it’s easy to justify their purchase. You can fill porcelain with flowers or green plants, or just arrange them together to make a beautiful display. White dishes are perfect for summer as you can mix them with any other color dish, and they are also the perfect background for any color table linen. I love using wicker and rattan pieces which just ooze summer to me. I would recommend purchasing anything you feel is timeless so you will love it for a while and be thrilled to use it again next summer! 

CC: Summer can be so busy with activities and events. How do you make sure there is time to relax and enjoy the warm weather?

PM: We have so much going on in the summer but I am committed to starting and ending each day I’m able to on our screened porch. There’s just something about having coffee outside in the morning that starts the day off on the right foot to me. Oh, and any day you can end watching the sunset outside is perfect. I love being outside as much as possible during the summer. 

CC: Why do you choose and recommend Creative Candles for your personal home décor?

PM: Creative Candles makes the best tapers … hands down! (CC: Thanks, Paige!) They come in such fabulous colors and when you trim them they are truly dripless. I’ve used them time and time again and never had to worry about any of my linens. I also love that each set of tapers comes with a tiny piece of beeswax to help the taper fit perfectly into any candle holder I use. I also love giving Creative Candles as gifts. And I always get the same question, “Why have I not seen these before?!”.  They are a fan favorite for us and everyone I have shared them with. 


CC: Thanks, Paige!
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