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How We Handmake Quality Scented Candles

Our local artisans hand make each of our scented candles so you only get the highest-quality, longest-lasting fragrances.

About our scented candles

At Creative Candles, we fragrance our scented candles with seasonal scents from nature. During the fall and winter, for example, our candles will transport you into a crisp winter woodland, evoke the festive season with rich spices, and capture the warmth of a crackling log fire on a snowy day. Clean cottons and fresh florals signal spring, delicious ocean scents take you to a summer beach, and alluring tropical fragrances conjure lush gardens and exotic sunsets.

How we make our scented candles

Hand making luxurious scented candles requires experienced and skilled workers using high-quality tools and ingredients in a meticulously crafted process. In fact, you can think of our artisans as your own personal candlemakers!

They pour small batches of each candle by hand into an eye-catching matte glass vessel. Because we use a proprietary wax, we can infuse more of each high-quality, complex fragrance into every candle. This means that the scent lasts from the moment you start burning the candle until you’ve reached the end of its long-lasting burn time, giving you maximum pleasure from its inviting fragrance.

Burn characteristics of our scented candles

Burn characteristics are significant if you’re looking for a premium candle that will last for a long time and has a fragrance that is equally enduring. By using a proprietary blend of waxes and specially-designed wicks, we can create beautiful burn characteristics in our scented candles. They each have an elegant smokeless flame and a slow, even burn time of more than 40 hours per vessel. 

What are scented candles used for?

Throughout history, scented candles have been used for religious festivities and special occasions. Today, they are a true home décor accessory, creating evocative scents and adding a personal touch to our homes. They are inviting and warm, providing comfort, and invoking fond and joyful memories.

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