The Best Candles to Spruce Up Your Summer Party

Candle Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Summer Party

Planning a summer party and need some outdoor lighting and décor inspo? Look no further.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering, grilling up a storm for your friends or partying poolside, these summer party ideas for outdoor lighting and dinner table décor will wow and enchant your guests.

Set a relaxed mood with floating candles

Bowls of floating candles make standout table centerpieces, and you can use different sized bowls depending on the size of your table. The effect is charming and calming. Select the colors to match your theme, or go for metallics for that extra shine. We love using different sized floating candles, too. 

If you have an outdoor water feature, you can also place floating candles and flowers in there for an eye-catching display.

Hang tealights from trees

The simplicity and sparkle of tealights can be used to great effect when you hang them from trees. All you need are some small jars and string - or even colorful ribbon - to create a glowing space at your summer party.

Cluster celebration candles

Celebrating something special? Use tall, slim celebration candles bunched together to create bright spots of outdoor lighting.

Taper candles for a dinner table décor win

An elegant outdoor soirée needs taper candles. Use glass candle holders and tapers in two complementing colors, along with matching table décor, to create a summer party centerpiece that everyone will want to emulate.

Lighting with lanterns

Of course, being outside means there’s a risk that a little wind will blow out your candles. To protect them and light up darker corners, put pillar candles in lanterns and dot them around your outdoor space. 

Ball candles and barbecues

Did you know that ball candles can stand alone? Their flattened bases mean you can place them anywhere, and their fun shape pairs well with a fun barbecue with friends! Choose different sizes and colors to create pools of outdoor lighting, and bunch a load together with pillar candles for a gorgeous dinner table décor.

Color me happy

Summer and vibrant colors go hand-in-hand. Pinks, bright blues, yellows, and vivid greens all give that summer vibe. Mix and match different types of candles - pillars, tapers, and ball candles, for example - and place them on trays around your outdoor space for a striking, color-tastic candle bonanza.

We’d love to see your summer party ideas and how you’ve used candles to style your backyard for a special event. Tag us on social so we can share your outdoor lighting and dinner table décor!


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