Tips for Decorating Your Home with Taper Candles

Tips for Decorating Your Home with Taper Candles

Of all the beautiful candles in the world, few offer more timeless elegance than tapers. While most candles keep a consistent thickness throughout, these long, slender options set themselves apart by gradually narrowing towards the top. This makes them an exceptional choice for adding grace and flair to your home.

Simply adding tapers to your collection isn’t enough, though. It’s also important to know how to display candles properly to achieve your desired effect, whether that’s relaxation, romance, or energetic celebration. Here are a few decorative tips and candle placement ideas to help you add the finishing touches to your home.

How to Display Candles

Use Various Heights

A single taper candle can add a touch of class. But grouping multiple taper candles of the same height often makes them seem stuffy and uncomfortably uniform. Instead, it’s a good idea to use various heights in your displays.

One tried and tested approach to attractive interior design is the rule of threes. By arranging three different heights of taper candle together, you can create an appealing layered display without cluttering your surfaces. Another approach is to use candle holders of differing heights for the same result.

Pick Suitable Holders

Speaking of candle holders for taper candles, these are a great way to get even more inventive with your decor. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, heights, and styles, from minimalist single-candle holders to elaborate candelabras that give you an instant centerpiece. You can even try mixing bright holders with neutral tapers or vice versa, giving you plenty of choice for a personal and original display.

Experiment with Colors

Colors can inspire a range of feelings and moods. Red is for passion, love, and attraction. Blue is tranquil and soothing. Yellow is bright and cheery. By testing out different color combinations, you can craft a delightful atmosphere for any room in your home.

Some people also like to transform their space with the changing of the seasons, and candles can make a huge difference. Mix pinks and greens for an airy springtime feel, orange and yellow for summer, red and brown for autumn, and white and light blue for winter. However you decide to beautify your home with taper candles, make sure the colors you choose blend well with your existing furniture to amplify the decorative effect.

Candle Placement Ideas

Now that you have some ideas for how to display candles, it’s time to think about where you want them to go. Every room in your home contains different features and furniture, which means you have a whole world of possibilities for arranging your taper candles. Let’s look at a few popular candle placement ideas to get you started.

Dining Room Table

Your dining room table is prime real estate for creating a candle display. You can even have a typical arrangement for daily use and swap them out for romantic dinners, light luncheons, and large family gatherings as you see fit. That way, you can amplify any event or celebration while always enjoying a fresh selection of taper candles.

One option is to fill the length of your table with taper candles of different heights in single holders, accompanied by greenery or other decorations. Another is to place a tasteful candelabra in the center for a powerful focal point. Or, if the table is full to the brim, use your taper candles to add extra height to your sideboard.


A fireplace represents warmth, comfort, and spending time with your loved ones. Adding taper candles to either side of your fireplace is a simple yet effective way to enhance this ambience and establish an intimate, welcoming space. If you’d prefer not to keep your candles at ground level, put one on either side of your mantelpiece above the fireplace, framing your favorite artwork.



Your bedroom isn’t just super comfy. It’s also where you start and end every day. So decorating your bedroom with taper candles is a great way to add peace and joy to your routine. Place taller candles to your nightstand and dresser, and shorter ones on your shelves and window sills for a varied, inviting display.



Nothing says total relaxation quite like a warm bath, a glass of wine, and the gentle glow of candlelight. Line the edge of your tub with a few taper candles for some luxurious alone time and put some on the windowsill and toilet tank for good measure.

Coffee Table

Most people arrange their coffee table in the center of their living room. This makes it an excellent opportunity to tie your décor together with a matching taper candle display. Include a dash of seasonal greenery to draw out its full aesthetic potential – but remember to leave space for mugs and coasters! 

Outdoor Areas

When thinking about decorating your home, it’s all too easy to focus only on the inside. But your porch, deck, and outdoor railings also benefit immensely from the aesthetic appeal of taper candles. Secure them in hurricane glass candle holders to protect them from the wind and light them when the sun goes down for a magical aura.

Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest with Luxury Taper Candles

Taking the time to explore tips for decorating with taper candles shows you truly care about making your house a home. In our experience, those with such an eye for luxury living also appreciate the value of quality.

Using our proprietary wax blend, we hand dip our premium taper candles up to 27 times to reach the optimal size and shape. Each one uses a custom wick and offers a dripless, smokeless burn for maximum pleasure. And with nine sizes and over 40 colors to choose from, you have everything you need to craft your dream taper candles display.

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