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Unique Candles for Micro Weddings

From wedding table décor to an enchanting aisle, a luxury candle can make all the difference to the ambience and environment by adding a gorgeous glow to the entire proceedings. (Not to mention setting the stage for some seriously stunning photographs.) 

Despite the smaller scale, you’ll no doubt still have an endless list of decisions to make about your wedding. We’ve made it that little bit easier by suggesting which of our candles work well with micro weddings. 

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Artisan candles + rustic wedding = a match made in heaven 

The popular trend of rustic romance is seeing many more people take a DIY approach to wedding décor, with reclaimed items transformed into fashionable features and floral arrangements replaced by bohemian bouquets of wildflowers and dried stems. 

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, our handmade taper candles are the perfect place to start. Pair them with vintage candelabras, sit them atop antique candlesticks or even nestle them amongst greenery for a stunning centerpiece. Then, add some luxurious layers and dreamy depth by placing ball candles or tea lights around them. With 41 shades available, you can match the colors of your candles to your theme, or even opt for our natural beeswax option and enjoy the subtle, sweet scent of honey. 

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Nail contemporary cool with handmade candles 

For a modern contemporary feel and those taking a minimalist approach to their décor, we recommend the crisp, clean lines of our pillar candles, particularly those of taller, chunkier dimensions. 

If you’re planning a small wedding with a modern mood, you could place these classic pillar candles in tall glass vases, hurricanes or industrial-style metal frames, throughout your venue. Available in five different shades, our contemporary pillars are each devotedly handcrafted to provide a smokeless, dripless experience and up to 240-hours of burn time, meaning you’ll be able to take them home and enjoy the magic even after your big day is a wrap. 

For those seeking to shun tradition in favour of something sleek and chic, you could opt for metallic candles, perfect for a modern wedding and adding that seductive shimmer to the celebration. 

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A seaside celebration with candles & coastal chic 

Another popular trend for couples looking to create a memorable, magical environment is coastal chic. Whether you’re getting married right on the beach or miles away from the sea, our artisan candles paired with some well-placed props will ensure opulence. 

In these stressful times, particularly for those trying to plan a wedding, a serene, seaside scheme will provide a calming and comforting environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy. In order to create your dream scene, we’d recommend pairing our pillar candles with glass containers along with shells, faux coral and lengths of rope to assemble a statement centerpiece. 

With water playing an integral role in beach weddings, why not fill an oversized glass bowl with a little water and some shells, before setting floating candles on the surface. We have a vast selection of colors available, and with a 3-hour burn time, they will bring something extra special to your celebrations. 

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Embrace classical elegance with quality candles 

If you’re aiming for the fairytale feel that comes with a classical wedding, candles are an unquestionable essential for classical dĂ©cor. For smaller celebrations, harness the emotive power of fragrance and select a scented vessel, giving you not only instant ambience but a memory that you can revisit time and time again simply by lighting a candle. 

For classical wedding décor, we suggest pairing our taper candles in the shade of ivory with oversized candelabras for truly striking centerpieces. In order to indulgently illuminate other areas, such as alongside the aisle or quiet corners, place tealights into jars and group them together for a glamorous glow. 

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