Six Winter Holiday Décor Styles That Will Make Your Home Perfect

Six Winter Holiday Décor Styles That Will Make Your Home Perfect

If you need some home décor inspiration for this holiday season, we have six new style ideas to suit every taste. Whether you want a traditional Christmas feel, a magical winter wonderland or a balmy tropical paradise, there’s something for everyone.


Modern Opulence

This holiday décor style is all about creating that sumptuous feeling of luxury. Think monochrome as your base with contemporary black and white decorations, and complement them with rich, dark reds and purples. Of course, nothing says modern opulence like a touch of gold for the perfect finish - try our metallic candle collection for some show-stopping splashes of glamour.


A Child's Dreamland

Perfect for children and the young-at-heart alike, creating the feeling of an imaginative never-never land in your home is simply delightful. Combine lots of bright colors - pinks, yellows, blues, and greens - with fun holiday decorations (we love this reindeer wall decal) and watch the smiles of joy when your friends and family come visit. 


Nostalgic Christmas

Nothing says Christmas quite like the traditional reds, greens, and golds of days gone by. But traditional and nostalgic doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned - bring the Christmas of your childhood into the modern day with contemporary decorations in the classic colors. Think stylish wreaths, differently-shaped candles in the time-honored colors, and updated Christmas tree decorations.


Tropical Paradise

While a snowy setting may be ideal for some, making a snowman out of sand at sunset is a dream for others! If you’re spending the holiday season in a warmer climate, you can style your décor to match. Lime green, peachy orange, and pale blue are the perfect colors to match tropical beach Christmas decorations like seashells, flamingoes, and pineapples (and it may be a little kitsch but we love this Christmas palm tree!).


Rustic Cabin

Whether you have a real cabin in the woods or yours is a home in the city, you can add a rustic touch to your winter holiday décor and create a true holiday retreat. Wood features heavily when you’re creating this look - you can simply collect beautiful branches and tie them with ribbon, or go a step further and craft your own wooden Christmas decorations. Use reds, greens, and bronze to complement your wooden highlights and create your rustic cabin feel.


Frozen Forest

Create a frosted and frozen look that turns your home into a winter wonderland with sparkling decorations (but without the cold). Think bowls of pine cones sprayed with artificial snow, glass jars full of fairy lights and evergreens, snowflakes, and ice-white and pale gray tablescapes. Add light and warmth with statement pillar candles.

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