9 DIY Table Centerpiece Ideas Using Candles

9 DIY Table Centerpiece Ideas Using Candles

Every celebration, event, or classy dinner needs an impressive centerpiece to unite the surrounding décor and strike the perfect mood. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost you the world. In fact, you can make affordable, reusable, and nevertheless striking DIY table centerpieces using candles.

The warm glow of candles creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that enhances the experience for all of your guests. You can also combine them with flowers for a seasonal touch or float them in water to put a creative spin on traditional glass vessels or candleholders.

To give you inspiration for your next intimate gathering, here are nine DIY table centerpiece ideas using candles that you can recreate in just a few minutes.

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1) A cascade of pillar candles

Place four or more chunky pillar candles of varying heights on a flat dish or serving plate. Then, fill the remaining space with pebbles and a selection of seasonal flowers. In summer you might add the heads of bright clematis and roses, while in winter a combination of pinecones, mistletoe, and holly form a classic festive theme.

2) Floating votive candles

A simple yet effective candle and flower centerpiece can be achieved using a clear bowl. Fill the bowl with water from your tap and float a few votive candles inside, making sure they have space to move around smoothly. For added style, tint the water to match your other decorations with a drop or two of food coloring.

3) Mini floating candle arrangement

If a single large floating candle display doesn’t quite suit the mood, consider placing individual floating candles in small glass bowls atop a platter. Put a single flower upside down underneath the candle to create a two-tiered effect, or fill the surrounding water with tiny flower heads to keep the candle in place.

4) Scattered tea lights

For an understated centerpiece, scatter small tea lights or votive lights in glass vessels along the length of your table. Using candles of different heights adds variety, and you might replace traditional holders with upcycled jars or teacups to match a quirky or bohemian aesthetic. Another option is to place your lights in a group holder on a small mirror for a twinkling starlight display.

5) Sand-filled hurricane candle holder

If you’re looking for a single powerful table centerpiece, a large hurricane candle holder is a great option. Fill the base of the holder with sand or pebbles, and place a tall pillar candle in the middle. You might also add seasonal complements like seashells or poinsettias for additional flare. Repeat the centerpiece once or twice for a longer table using different decorative combinations each time.

6) Hurricane wreath arrangement

Another way to use a hurricane holder is to place it inside the hole of a seasonal wreath. You could use a tall pillar candle once again, or for a more delicate central element you could secure a tapered candle inside using candle adhesive.

7) Snaking garland arrangement

Start by arranging a long floral garland along the length of the table, alternating between peaks and valleys at regular intervals. Inside the lowest point of each valley, place a votive candle whose flame will sit below the rim of the vessel.

8) Repurposed wine glasses

Wine glasses aren’t just for serving drinks to your guests. You can also repurpose them by filling them with water and placing a floating candle inside each one. These add a beautiful twist to candle and flower centerpieces, and save you from purchasing additional holders.

9) Submerged willow branches

Most floral arrangements sit beside candle holders or float atop the water. But by submerging willow branches in a filled clear vase and adding a floating candle on top, you cast a thin decorative shadow across your table. This creates an additional pattern effect that even turns your furniture into a decorative element.

Don’t forget the most important piece

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