Creative Candles for Wholesalers: What Our Brand Can Do for Your Business

Creative Candles for Wholesalers: What Our Brand Can Do for Your Business

Operating out of the heart of America since 1961, here at Creative Candles we are pioneers in producing small-batch, luxury candles using age-old techniques that have been honed over centuries. Priding ourselves on making a high-quality candle each and every time, we produce some of the worlds’ best artisan candles that are enjoyed internationally. An integral part of this success is due to our strong two-way relationships with our trusted wholesale partners.

If you’re interested in the world of Creative Candles and haven’t yet joined us, we’d love to hear about your business, as well as your individual needs and goals. From luxurious local bakeries to glamorous gift boutiques, we believe that engaging in a two-way conversation about our candles for wholesalers can champion both your business and our brand. Read on to discover how. 

Bringing beauty to florists, nurseries & garden centers 

Whether your customers want to create a statement centerpiece, an impressive table scape or even just a romantic night at home, we believe that a quality candle makes all the difference. From colored tapers to chunky pillars, a premium candle can instantly enhance the aesthetic and ambience of any floral arrangement; they are truly a match made in heaven. Thanks to our extensive range of colors and endless options in height and diameter, we can provide the perfect accompaniment to your divine display.

Wedding & event planners

We understand how important it is to provide your clients with an unforgettable wedding that will be the talk of the town for all of the right reasons. When it comes to that special day, premium candles can make all the difference in ensuring a romantic ambiance. As well as the overall aesthetics, we also understand that things can change, and last-minute decisions are sometimes made. That’s why we carry an inventory of ready-to-ship wholesale candles that will ensure you can accommodate changing requirements. 


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Gift shops & boutiques 

From our best-selling scented vessels to our one-of-a-kind metallic finishes, our candles are the perfect choice to set your shop apart from the rest. Noted as an “always acceptable and appreciated” gift by both men and women, no gift store is complete without a stunning selection of candles. Reflective of fine quality and good taste, Creative Candles also work with luxury lifestyle influencers who will undoubtedly inspire streams of shoppers to invest in our quality artisan candles, bringing them to your store. 

Interior stylists 

Our candles provide a flourish and a finish to any high-end home. Add beauty to the bookcase with a statement taper, bring style to a centerpiece with a few pillar candles or even create an immersive experience with one of our scented vessels. Time and time again we’ve found that the quality of our wholesale candles reflect the quality of consumer lifestyles. 

Premium grocery & kitchen shops 

Either tied in with your floral arrangements or as a standalone feature in your store, our candles provide the perfect place for customers to shop for special celebrations or a high-end home accessory. 

Speciality bakers 

We can provide the ideal accompaniment to high-end celebration cakes and show-stopping sweet treats that will give your service a VIP edge and save your customer an annoying errand. Our quarter-inch diameter celebration candles are super stunning and always on trend, thanks to our vast range of colors and finishes, available in both 6” and 15” height options. 

Custom candles & private labels

Other opportunities for wholesale clients to work with us include our custom creation option, where we’ll design and manufacture a candle to your exact specifications. This is perfect for a special event, product launch or just to make your business stand out from the rest. 

We also enjoy numerous private label relationships on our taper candles, pillar candles and scented vessel lines due to our unique and organic processes. 

The bottom line 

What working with us truly boils down to is the incomparable quality of our product and service. We provide you with a high-end, organic product that ultimately reflects the caliber of your brand. Aiming to ensure that you stand out from other suppliers, enjoy premium profit margins and benefit from our extensive and outstanding marketing strategies that will bring you customers and help close sales. We also pride ourselves on a streamlined ordering process and a short lead time, thanks to zero supply chains. 


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