Our Best Summer Scented Candles for 2022

Best Summer Scented Candles for 2023

Our sense of smell does amazing things. Instantly evoking memories, emotions, thoughts and feelings, it’s one of the most powerful senses. That’s exactly why scented candles are a beautiful way to add a little part of your personality to your home, an event or even just the season. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best scented candles for summer 2023, all of which have been selected from our scented vessel collection.

Each housed in an elegant glass container and promising a 40-hour burn time, these high-quality scented candles make thoughtful gifts or aromatic interior essentials for the summer season. 

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Go coastal with some oceanic inspiration

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! The Ocean Breeze Scented Candle allows you to stay there forever, with sublime notes of coconut, lemon, water lilies and jasmine.

Truly transportative, you’ll feel as though you’re lazing beneath swaying palms and looking out over sparkling turquoise waters. Did someone say piña colada? 

Bathe in a blissful Mediterranean mood

If you’re missing your usual Europe trip as much as we are, you’ll love the Coastal Shores Scented Candle.

Inspired by the cliffside gardens of the Cinque Terre and Amalfi coast, this sublime scented candle uses a beautiful blend of lemon and mandarin for a sweet, citrus appeal.

Enjoy shinrin yoku (“forest bathing”) without the forest 

Imagine a hot and hazy summer morning spent in the cool comfort of a deep forest. Ferns softly unfurl beneath the sunlight and pines add their own woody aroma to the warm atmosphere.

This is exactly what you’ll experience with our Hinoki Cypress Scented Candle, which uses thyme, clove, olibanum and black spice for an enriching experience. 

Embark on an English affair 

Timeless and botanical, our English Garden Scented Candle will have you feeling like Alice in Wonderland thanks to an enchanting floral mix of peony, rose and jasmine with aromatic undertones of bramley apple, mimosa and lemon tree. 

Feeling inspired? You can explore all of our 12 different scented candles online today.


At Creative Candles, we've been creating small-batch, artisan-made premium candles since 1961. By preserving the centuries-old art of candle making, we’re ensuring that the world has access to premium, high-quality candles that provide the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

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