What is a Luxury Candle?

What is a Luxury Candle?

Candles are a hugely popular way for people to decorate their spaces, add a finishing touch to special occasions, and create an atmosphere of peace, calm, and tranquility. The wonderful design and soft glow of a well-chosen candle can create a magical, memorable moment in almost any setting.

But when you use cheap, mass-produced candles for these purposes, they just don’t seem to satisfy. And unless you know the difference between factory-line and luxury candles, it can be tough to figure out why. That’s because what makes a luxury candle luxury goes far beyond the things you see and into the quality of your experience.


What makes a luxury candle luxury?


High-grade wax

Most mass-market candles use paraffin wax. Since it’s so cheap to produce, paraffin wax drives down the price of a candle, meaning you can buy and use more. But the few dollars you save comes at the serious cost of your health.

Paraffin is actually a byproduct of petroleum, the substance that’s used to make fuel for your car. To turn paraffin into candle wax, it’s usually bleached with dioxin (an environmental pollutant), texturized with acrolein (a known carcinogen) and mixed with stearic acid (derived from slaughterhouse animal fat). When you burn a paraffin candle, you release toxic fumes – as well as harmful black soot – into the air for your friends, family, children, pets, and self to breathe in.

Luxury candles, on the other hand, use high-grade wax blends that don’t contain these dangerous chemicals. Our own proprietary wax blend, for example, uses only the finest all-natural ingredients that are completely harmless to inhale. With Creative Candles, you always get a smokeless, dripless, and most importantly safe burn in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.


9" Metallic Taper Candles - 12/box
9" Metallic Taper Candles


Custom wicks

The wick of a candle has a huge impact on how a candle burns and, if it’s fragranced, how its enticing scents fill the room. That includes the wick’s thickness and material composition, as well as whether it’s braided and how many there are. These must be chosen to complement the size, wax type, and fragrance blend of the candle to produce a slow, satisfying burn.

Mass-market candle manufacturers typically use one type of wick for all sizes and fragrances. As a result, their candles burn out far too quickly and struggle to release powerful scents. So no matter how many you light, they always fail to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Luxury candles, on the other hand, feature wicks that have been carefully chosen to offer a clean, long-lasting, and consistent burn. In scented candles, they also help to release and spread the fragrances as intended. Every time you light a luxury candle, the custom wick ensures you can always enjoy a full-bodied sensual experience.


Aromatic fragrances

Candle makers add fragrances to their candles using scent oils, which they mix into the wax solution before pouring. While most luxury candles are unscented, some enthusiasts like to take the extra step and indulge their olfactory sense whenever they light the wick.

But although many general-store candles claim to be scented, each one tends to offer just one or two basic, underwhelming smells. That’s because they contain as little scent oil as possible to help the manufacturer save money. These candles might smell pleasant up close, but even once they’re lit you shouldn’t expect those smells to fill and enhance your space.

Knowing how to craft a deeply fulfilling multi-level balance of fragrance notes is just one of the many skills of an expert luxury candle manufacturer. Our own scented vessel candles come in 12 long-lasting fragrances with up to 10% scent blend – more than double that of most candle retailers. With a complex bouquet of powerful aromas and subtle scents, our scented vessel candles bring you an irreplaceable sensation for the senses every time.


Elegant containers

The warm, comforting glow of candlelight helps bring out a depth of emotion or contentment that few other ornaments can. But most of the time, your candles won’t be lit. They’ll be adorning your tabletops, shelves, counters, and features as purely decorative elements.

As well as offering safe wax, clean burns, and delightful scents, luxury candles are themselves objects of beauty. That’s why they often come in attractive containers, the materials, colors, weights, and designs of which have been chosen to amplify the aesthetics of the candle. 

At Creative Candles, we typically sell candles without containers to give you greater freedom in deciding your own holders and display options. Instead, we provide lots of helpful resources like Tips for Decorating Your Home with Taper Candles and 9 DIY Table Centerpiece Ideas Using Candles. With these to guide your candle décor decisions, it’s easy to compose elegant displays that truly capture your creative soul.


3" x 9" Classic Pillar Candle
3" x 9" Pillar Candles


Thoughtful production

Mass-market candle manufacturers use machines to mix and pour hundreds or thousands of candles every hour. The goal of these manufacturers isn’t to bring you a high-quality product. It’s to make and sell as many candles as possible while keeping costs down. And quality is always the first thing to go to make additional savings.

Luxury candles, on the other hand, are undoubtedly more expensive. But this extra cost is used to cover the time, skill, and experience of the talented artisans who pour, dip, and craft each candle by hand. The result is that you get a candle that’s been made with love and passion to bring you a joyful, fulfilling sensation that you remember.


Decorate your space with premium luxury handmade artisanal candles

What makes a luxury candle luxury is more than just a label. It’s the unmatched quality of its ingredients and design, and the sincere love and passion that goes into its creation. That’s why each candle we produce is handcrafted by trained and experienced artisans using the finest ingredients around to bring you total sensual satisfaction.

Browse our online store today to find luxury taper candles, pillar candles, votive candles, and more to enhance your space or special occasion.


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