Life in color: A conversation with Natasha Ghai

Life in color: A conversation with Natasha Ghai

We recently collaborated with artist, lifestyle blogger, and self-confessed color enthusiast Natasha Ghai on a range of sensational candles that evoke freedom of spirit and joyful emotion. 

Offering everything from vibrant orange ball candles to hot pink tapers, the Natasha Ghai Summer/Fall 2021 Collection is quite possibly our favorite collab to date. We caught up with the artist herself to talk about her inspirations, interior décor, and what she loves about the Creative Candles brand. 

California dreaming - the singular style of an artist 

Natasha lives in the rolling hills of Fremont, CA, with her husband and son, in a home where coastal vibes, eclectic colors, and popping prints come together to create a vibrant, happy space. Natasha describes her décor style as “preppy with a twist”, with plenty of chinoiserie and vintage pieces. 

She credits a lot of her inspiration to favorite designer Lilly Pulitzer, an iconic Floridian designer who took inspiration from bright, bold citrus colors and the shapes of refined resort wear. Ghai added that she often reinvents the prints of Pulitzer through painting her own patterns on walls and wooden furniture. 

Natasha is a firm believer that everyone should live life colorfully and joyfully, which was the main inspiration behind the 2021 collection for Creative Candles. However, she does have certain staples of a more classic origin, crediting the timeless appeal of blue and white for her navy candles, stating that navy is, “always a classic and a staple all year round and you can never go wrong with it!”

The artist also adores the amalgamation of pink, orange, and green for a summery, tropical celebration, with the addition of metallic gold for a luxurious, rounded finish that carries through to high-end holiday décor.

Candles for ambient interior design 

When we asked her what her favorite purpose of candles is, she was quick to credit candlelit dinners as the ultimate form of interior ambience. Natasha often creates tablescapes for both dinner guests and casual evenings, telling us that as well as the captivating range of colors, the “illuminating light of the gorgeous taper candles” is something that every interior can benefit from. 

As the reigning queen of tropical taste and stunning colors, we had to ask Natasha for her golden pieces of advice when it comes to redecorating for summer. These were the results: 

  • Your home is a reflection of you - start with as classic base as a background color (e.g. blue & white) and build out from that using season-appropriate shades
  • Stylish ceramic pieces in classic colors are great to mix with almost anything during changing seasons
  • Bright pinks, yellows, and greens for summer, orange for fall and red with green for the winter holiday season 
  • For the ultimate Natasha Ghai touch, opt for colorful bamboo furniture, shell motif pieces, bright fresh flowers, and tropical indoor plants

As well as decorating her divine interior space, Natasha enjoys outdoor and beach activities during the warmer months along with creating delicious new cocktails each year. It also helps in her quest to find the most refreshing summer wine that she lives so close to the California wine country! 

Why Creative Candles? 

We were honored to collaborate with Natasha on a collection that brings beauty and joy into the homes of many. When we asked her about why she consistently chooses Creative Candles, she said, “I can go on raving about Creative Candles because I absolutely love the fact that they not only come in an array of bright colors, but they make the best slow burn candles - and the best part is that they are dripless so I don’t have to worry about my table cloth. I love the new scented candles as well - they make my home smell divine. Creative Candles would definitely make great hostess gifts as well!” Thanks, Natasha!

Create your own eternal summer with the Natasha Ghai Collection and shop online now.

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